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Why Barcodes are Important for Estate Sales

The barcode is a ubiquitous part of the the modern shopping experience, but few estate sale companies offer it. Find out why Aether utilizes barcoding at their estate sales and why every estate sale company who isn’t providing them is doing their clients and shoppers a huge disservice.

Professional Appearance Handwritten tags suffer many follies, including illegibility and inconsistency. This can create confusion for shoppers, and imbues the sale with a “garage sale” aesthetic. Aether avoids these problems by using printed price tags with barcodes. Their uniform appearance identifies the item and states the price clearly. This allows shoppers to focus on the deals they want, instead of wondering about pricing.

Faster Checkout

Analog estate sales are boring, slow, and subject to human error. At an Aether sale, you can expect a modern checkout. All items are quickly scanned and bagged, thanks to the time we take applying barcodes. With a digital system, there’s no need to pause for adding and totaling, which makes for the fastest estate sale shopping experience possible.

Estate Value By barcoding every item in the house, Aether is able to provide an estimate of the FMV of the estate before the sale even starts. Something entirely impossible when tags are handwritten. While it’s highly unlikely that every item will sell at full value, this number sets the bar for sale — giving our crew a goal and improving overall transparency for our clients.

Sold Value Transparency Aether provides a full transaction list upon request, so you’ll be able to see what sold, and when. Our barcodes track transactions throughout the entire sale, something that would be incredibly difficult with a handwritten system. This final sales record shows how confident we are in our accountability, which gives our clients peace of mind.

Past Knowledge From used bottles of windex, to a life-sized tyrannosaurus rex skull cast, our crew has priced an unfathomable assortment of items, and we keep track of it all. Hundreds of past sales, with thousands of items, in cities across America, have given us a significant sale history to pull from when pricing items, and it would not be possible without barcodes.

Accountability Shoppers do not want to overpay, and clients do not want to give items away for free. Aether keeps the balance between these two by using the latest in checkout technology. Barcodes allow our crew to make sure that every total is accurate. Aether is proud to provide full barcoding at all of our sales. If your’e an estate sale shopper and you haven’t experienced one of our sales yet, find an upcoming one here! If you need to organize an estate sale and want it barcoded, get in touch with the Aether Crew today for a free consultation.

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