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What to Expect at Your First Estate Sale

IS it your first time at one of our estate sales? Don’t fear — we can tell you what to expect. Coming up we’ll list a few of the things you should expect at your first estate sale.

EARLY SIGN IN Estate sale—ing is serious business to dedicated shoppers. Many will do whatever it takes to get the best deals. That includes waking up early. If you want the best deals and first finds, be there when the Aether Crew puts out the sign in sheet. The early bird truly does get the gets the worm.

AWESOME ITEMS GO QUICKLY Everything at our estate sales are first—come, first—served. That also means “finders—keepers” and “no—take—backsies” rules are in full effect; if you put an item down, don’t be surprised if someone swoops in to claim it. If you find an item you don’t want to lug through the whole house, find an Aether crew—mate and they can take it to the holding dock for you.

CARDS ARE ACCEPTED Every Aether Estate Sale accepts cash, credit, and debit. Checks, however and unacceptable.

BRING HELP Every estate sale is an adventure, so make sure you bring a sidekick. They will undoubtedly help you with: awkwardness of waiting in lines alone, the difficulty of choosing between a faux fur coat or a cast iron skillet, and, of course, carrying that suit of armor you couldn’t leave without to your car.

SECURITY Sales have security just like any other shopping experience, so know that large purses and bags will not allowed. Instead, utilize an Aether basket to carry your discovered wares, or have a crew member bring your items to the holding dock.

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