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6 Things an Estate Company Can't Sell

While it may seem like you can find anything at an estate sale, there are some things that estate sale companies won’t include in a sale.

  1. LIQUOR Companies need special licenses and permits to legally sell beer, wine, or liquor, which is why you won’t find alcohol available at an Aether Estate Sale.

  2. FOOD There’s no way to know the safety of the food in the house, which is why Aether won’t sell food items. We encourage our clients to eat what they have to minimize waste!

  3. MEDICATIONS We ask our clients to take their personal medications with them, as they cannot be sold at an estate sale.

  4. CERTAIN USED ITEMS Let’s face it — there are some things that shouldn’t have a second life. Items like razors, baby tethers, and underwear are a few of the things that never make it into one of our estate sales.

  5. PERSONAL DOCUMENTS & INFORMATION Our client privacy is one of our top concerns, which is why we return any personal documents like taxes and photographs to the family.

  6. ILLEGAL ITEMS It’s obvious that a company shouldn’t sell illegal items, but at estate sales, what is illegal may not be so obvious. Some items may even be legal to own, but illegal to sell. Check your local and federal laws for the most accurate information.

Those are some of the things you won’t be able to find at Aether Estate Sales. Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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