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9 Essential Estate Sale Services


Free Consultation Our consultations are always free. An Aether Agent will visit your house, asses the property, and advise on next steps. If your house is appropriate for an estate sale, they will explain the contract and begin planning dates for prep and sale. If the home is unsuitable for an estate sale, your agent will offer suggestions for alternative options.

Staging Services Staging is how companies organize and arrange your possessions so shoppers can peruse them. A properly staged home makes items in the home more appealing and encourages more shopping! The Aether Crew have perfected the art of staging by focusing on organization, shopability, and safety.

Valuation of Items Every company has their own way of valuing items; Some go with their gut, while others check etsy. These strategies may be appropriate in some situations, but Aether typically values items by combining market research with sales experience.

Tagging, Pricing, and Inventorying After determining the value of an item, it’s tagged with a price. Aether tags every item with a unique barcode, which creates a digital inventory for the sale. Our end-of-sale transaction reports ensure transparency. (Click here to learn more about why barcoding is important for estate sales.)

Advertising, Marketing, and Promotion For a successful sale, an estate sale company must get people in the door. The more people who show up, the greater the sense of urgency, and items will go quickly. Any company worth its salt should have a multi-channel advertising plan that includes: News Media, Lawn Signs, Social Media, and all of the popular estate sale websites.

Checkout Some companies can survive with just a cashbox, but Aether prefers to stray as far as possible from tactics that scream ‘garage sale.’ Their crew opts instead for modern checkout systems set up right in the home. Using a point of sale system with barcode scanners, cash drawers, and credit card processors, the Aether checkout is not only efficient, it stands out.

Security Companies should include a modicum of security in their contracts. Things like a bond, insurance, staff commitment, and cameras will keep your house and its items safe until they’re sold!

Broom Clean Companies should leave your house in the same, albeit emptier, conditions than when they found it. Aether has procedures and implements, like shoe cover machines and an attentive crew to keep things nice and tidy.

Final Accounting All modern sales operations have capabilities for digital inventory, so why should estate sales be any different. Aether eschews the industry-standard handwritten tag in favor of a barcodes that allow for an accurate final accounting statement. Aether’s digital bookkeeping allows for much more specific sale details than what has been offered in the past, including the sale’s gross total, transaction reports, their commission, and more. These services may not be typical in all areas, but they are part of every Aether sale. It’s how we’ve developed the estate sales of the future, and what allows Aether to provide revolutionary estate sale experiences.

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