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Something for everyone at Scott Jones estate sale

From $.50 to $100,000, there is something for everyone at the Scott Jones estate sale.

Scott Jones estate sale has something for everyone at all prices

Scott Jones' famous mansion in Carmel, Indiana will hold an estate sale beginning Thursday. Jones is known for invention voicemai

Inventor of Voicemail Says Everything Must Go

Want a T. rex skull replica? That'll cost $10,000. A Steinway grand piano? That's a cool $100,000. He's also got "high-end, original art" and "museum-quality, priceless antiques," but because everything must go, there are even price tags on half-empty bottles of Windex (50 cents), reports IndyStar.

Historically private Kessler Mansion opens doors Friday for estate sale

After years of privacy, one of the most famous homes in Indianapolis, the Kessler Mansion, is hosting an estate sale starting Friday.

Massive 3-day Indy estate sale kicks off Friday

"It happens in an 11,000-square-foot historic home in downtown Indianapolis that used to be a church. The home, located at 1455 Alabama Street, was built in 1910."

Will using an estate sales company work for you?

"Estate sales are growing in popularity, but are they right for you if you’re looking to sell your belongings?"

St. George & the Dragon restaurant has liquidation sale this weekend

The Naples mainstay St. George & the Dragon restaurant turned off its ovens and shut its doors for good six years ago, but aficionados — and others — can still buy a piece of the grand old restaurant this weekend.

Scott Jones is selling home, property

Everything must go: Voicemail pioneer holds fire sale at his Indy mansion

"Everything must go," said Jones' publicist, John Ross. "This will be a nice opportunity for people to see how the other half lives."

Indy's gigantic and funky yard sale

"Their fantastical. 11,000-square-foot house, a converted, century-old Unitarian church in the Old Northside Historic District, will also go on the market. The asking price: $1.4 million."

Kessler Mansion open to public for three-day estate sale

The estate sale at this massive residence will take place in the Grand Ballroom, a 7,000-square-foot space packed full of items from the current and previous owners of the home.

Rummage sale allows a peek at notorious Kessler Boulevard mansion

"Come on in. Linger. Count the dolphin statues (Spoiler alert: There are 15, plus a sword fish)."

Not Your Average Estate Sale This Weekend In Lexington

The estate sale can be found at 972 Village Green Avenue from Friday through Sunday, 9am to 2pm. Sign up is at 8am.

Scott Jones plans estate sale

PHOTOS: Hoosier multimillionaire Scott Jones opens home for estate sale in September

“This sale will undoubtedly be one of the best estate sales ever conducted – not only in the state of Indiana, but the entire country,” said Aether Estate Sales Co.

Former Kokomo artist Ida Gordon's work up for grabs at estate sale

“There has to be at least 50 different original paintings,” said Lee Parson of Aether Estate Sales Co., which will be conducting the sale. “There’s a wide range of paintings, both large and small, including some of her sketches and even her easel and art supplies.”

Broadmoor area estate packed with 'jaw dropping' items lures shoppers

"The dresses were just a tiny taste of the thousands of items being sold at the home by Aether Estate Sales Co."

New Twist On Estate Sales

"They separated what they wanted to keep and let Aether Estate Sales deal with the rest, about 4,000 items.

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